Northgate Instrumental Music Boosters (NIMB)

BOSS (Band and Orchestra Student Staff) - FOR STUDENTS ONLY


Announcements for All:

-QR code for new BOSS website is now up in the band room!

-Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser:

  • This Friday from 6-8pm at St. Matthew Church!
  • We still need a few student volunteers for various things like serving food! (check BoosterHub)
  • If you are volunteering and plan to have dinner, make sure you buy a ticket too

Announcements for jazz bands:

-Ask your parents if they are willing to be a chaperone or equipment driver for any of our upcoming festivals:

  • Campana Jazz Festival Saturday 2/10

Announcements for orchestra:

-Ask your parents to sign up to be chaperones and equipment drivers for the Homestead Orchestra Festival Friday 2/9


1. Don’t yell over the class to get attention for announcements! Be standing tall in the front right as the bell goes off, then wait for everyone to be quiet. In simple terms, if you are not respectful to your classmates, they will not care about what you have to say.

2. An easy way to grab people’s attention before announcements is to ask for everyone to show their pencils.

3. Be concise and if possible, try to make it fun! Class periods are short and we all know how annoying long and boring lectures can be.

4. For those classes with multiple BOSS reps, you guys can announce together and split up the work.

Upcoming Student Events

1/23- Open House

1/27- Folsom Jazz Festival

1/28- Spaghetti Feed Ticket Deadline

2/2- Spaghetti Feed

2/10- Campana Jazz Festival

Volunteer Now!

What is BOSS?

BOSS, also known as the Band and Orchestra Student Staff, are student volunteers from the Northgate Instrumental Music Program who dedicate extra time to the program to help fundraise, organize events, and much more.

Who is in BOSS?

Any student in Northgate’s instrumental music program is welcome to join BOSS in order to become more involved with the program. We just ask that interested students attend the monthly meetings and volunteer for our events where you can!

Presidents: Tatiana Avdienko, Aaron Baack

Vice President: Owen Eyerly

Communications Manager: Carly Rosenblatt

Graphic Design Director: Lillian Curry

Concert Band Class Representative: Megan Baack, Shruti Shyam

Symphonic Winds Class Representative: Zachary Muraoka

Orchestra Class Representative: Nadia Cartier, Justin Chen, Sophia Mac, Nadia Cartier

Jazz Band I Class Representative: Owen Eyerly, Tatiana Avdienko

Jazz Band II Class Representative: Mason Mallillin, Robyn Khaund 

Why do we need BOSS? What do they do?

BOSS is the student-extension of NIMB (Northgate Instrumental Music Boosters), a 501(c)3 nonprofit which aims to support and fund Northgate’s highly-decorated and dearly held instrumental music program.

Why should I join BOSS?

BOSS is a rewarding experience that combines students' passion for music with service to the school. BOSS is a way for instrumental music students to contribute to the band program and the greater outside community.

For those who are looking to complete school projects or meet a certain number of volunteer hours for an award, BOSS can be both an enjoyable and gratifying avenue to achieve that.

If you enjoy instrumental music, BOSS is the best way to make a direct impact on the performing arts community at Northgate High School.

When and where are BOSS meetings?

BOSS meetings are the second Wednesday of the month at lunchtime in the instrumental music room.

How can I become more involved with BOSS? What are some opportunities related to BOSS?

Positions currently held by seniors:

Stage Crew Manager

Symphonic Winds Class Rep

How can I get in contact with the BOSS Representatives?

contact Tatiana Avdienko ( or Aaron Baack (